Saturday, April 10, all day – Street Theatre & Direct Action

To the streets! We encourage everyone, organizations and individuals, to take this time to send a personal message to the SRLC and its attendees.

Saturday is a day of direct action, a time for people and groups to take to the streets and autonomously demonstrate opposition to the policies & politics of the Republican party. While the focus of the Second Line is health care, inequity and oppression in our city affect ALL aspects of our daily lives: education, employment, police, militarism & the prison-industrial complex.

Our numbers are many; let our presence reflect our dissatisfaction with the status quo.  The Republicans don’t offer solutions.  The people have the power… let  these politicians know!

Guerilla theatre
– Soap boxing
Direct Action
Spontaneous rallying & demonstrations
– Distributing literature

SRLC attendees will be spending most of their time in the CBD and the French Quarter.  Let’s show them that their  hostile actions against our communities  have consequences.