The SRLC Welcoming Committee is an association of concerned activists organizing for the 2010 Republican Southern Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA.

We are a diverse group of individuals who have come together in the belief that health care is a vital necessity.  The decision of the SRLC to host their conference in New Orleans – a city hard-hit by the inaccessibility of adequate healthcare – is both ironic and insulting.  We feel that the money being spent on military aggression and the inflation of prisons should be used to serve the interests of the people and provide for their well-being.  The policies and practices of the Republican Party and its elected politicians have failed, and the costs of these failures are the lives of real human beings.

We seek to build a decentralized coalition to present a response to the Republican presence in our city.  We believe in our collective struggle and the possibility of a world beyond oppression, domination, war and empire.  Following are our points of unity.  We invite all individuals and groups committed to these ideas to participate in the Welcoming Committee!

Our Points of Unity
– The SRLC is not welcome in NOLA without a fuss !
– Recognize health care as a basic human right
– Oppose police oppression, the prison-industrial complex, and the dominant culture of militarism
– Recognize the need for active resistance to confront all forms of oppression, respecting a diversity of tactics
– A commitment to mutual aid and voluntary association as organizing principles
– Recognize the need to settle organizational differences internally

Contact Information

PHONE: sean – (804) 347-9125